What's it like being a divorcee?

As a divorcee do you find that you are judged and looked down upon by others or do you have more people that support your decision. Has your life gotten better or worse as a result. If you have kids how are they coping with it? just looking to see what it's like for some people.I may consider it in the near future possibly.


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  • a couple words come to mind "Peaceful", "relaxing" now that I look back.

    People who actual know me I don't think they look down on me, now people online who have no idea about you mite jump to conclusions but really when it comes down to it who cares what other people think.

    I had two kids both stayed with me even later choose to stay with me again and they are doing well both getting older now, she has decide to speak with them and even see them some over the last few years and they get alone but aren't as open to her.

    • Well thats good to know, just thinking about a few things on where my mairrage is headed

    • while your in the marriage and commented its hard to think about giving up and not trying BUT after she left and i could look back it was amazing all the things I could see and that I had put up with that when she was gone was like a huge relief , I'm not saying its that way for everyone but that part of the reason I never took her back to.

      good luck I know its a rough road your travailing

      thanks for MH

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  • I believe it depends on why you divorced.

  • In my case no one that kniws me looks down on me for my divorce as for my kids two live with my ex husband and two live with me my 14yr old son really acts out he lives with his dad and as for my 8 yr old that lives with her dad she has him wrapped around her finger cuz he knows he is guilty and the two girls that live with me are 9,10 and there are fine except for the fact that my ex and other two kids live 8 hrs away I talk to all my kids every day my ex will go months at a time not talkin to the two girls I have living with me then he dont understand why they are mad at him or dont wanna go c him he makes no effort to still try and be a father to them

  • It's gotten better! I think everyone judges though, until they hear my story. But I don't even care what they think, so I no longer go over it. I'm happy.


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