How to break up with someone you still love?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a few years and h have been talking about getting married. I love him and his ambitions, but I'm realizing more and more that we are completely different people with different values. We are almost exact opposites. It's what attracted me to him in the first place, but now I feel like I have nothing to talk to him about. We don't care about really any of the same things. Thing is that I love him but I don't believe love is the only thing that makes up a marriage. I know it's time to part ways for us, but I don't know how to do it without hurting either of us.


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  • Depends

    Can you tell me about some of the main ways you two differ?

    • I'm more religiously pious, he isn't. Sounds like not a big deal but it's something that is important to me. Our interests are very different. Which wouldn't be an issue, but I feel like the things I want to talk about he had absolutely no interest in. It's even gotten past the point of pretending to have interest. And to be honest I don't know the difference between Payton manning and LeBron James other than they play some kind of sport. He doesn't really respond to the things I have to say anymore and I'm beginning to self doubt. Our communication just sucks. And I'm sure there are some things I do that bother him.

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  • You'll probably have a lot of people tell you how to break up with him over here. I'm sorry, I won't be of any help to you.. But all I want to say is, trust me, I know know people say love isn't enough for sustaining a relationship but really, honestly it is... You're taking him for granted as of now and I'm positive that you'd repent breaking up...
    My guy dumped me because his family didn't aprove of me and its been 9 months. I am still not over him and I miss him every single day.
    He'll be really heartbroken if you break up only because now you realise you two are opposites... It really isn't something to break up over...
    Please think over it once again..


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