Trying to get him back.. What should I do?

My ex and I broke up 3 weeks ago. Since then we haven't gone more than a few days without seeing each other or texting/speaking on the phone. It's my fault what we broke up, I was a bad girlfriend. But I know what I did wrong and won't do it again. He doesn't trust me but I want another chance to prove that I can be trusted. It's all just a mind fuck because we'll be fine talking one day or hanging out and all of a sudden he decides he doesn't wanna talk anymore because he stops him from moving on. Everything I say seems to be wrong or he takes it the wrong way. I filter everything I say, and usually just take it when he says rude things. He is still very much in love with me and we've slept together a few times since the break up. He's still really hurt. What can I do to prove to him that I can be trusted?


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  • The only way someone can gain their trust back in a person is by the other person showing them that they have changed and then the person them self also needs to get over it and put the past behind them. You'll never progress if he doesn't decide to also give you another chance and to move forward. He is clearly not over whatever happened and it's time you give him SPACE. He needs space and time away from you to come into terms with things. If he loves you, like you say he does, he'll come back. But for now I think you've done enough. It's on him now too make it work and to try from his side.


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