I'm wondering what guys do, if they are hurt, jealous and won't talk to a girl because she moved on, or so he thinks?

I used to have this great friend I could talk to. I loved his hugs, I was told he liked me, and we dated. But over and over again, it was a different relationship. It was announced he recently came out of the closet but this whole time, I was wondering if I could have hurt him in a sense he wants nothing to do with me. I had this gut feeling he was in love with me but I couldn't keep waiting on him hand and foot no matter how much I loved him. So we broke up one last time and I moved on to another guy I had a child with. I just cannot come to terms with this and it keeps holding me back from being happy in my new found relationship.
I am being hold back. I don't know if I'm obsessed. I don't think I am. I just like talking to him most of the time but I still haven't gotten the closure I need from him, and he will not help out with it.
It hurts me because he doesn't even want to try. I mean I have told him repeatedly I loved him. Not in a romantic way anymore but because I feel as though we did have something special there between us both. I think he is just flat out mad.


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  • There's a whole lot of info there but none of it's coherent. Honestly, I read through that several times and haven't a clue what it is you're talking about. Rewrite it with better sentence structure and a huge amount of chronological ordering.


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