Should I be honest with him, or not?

My friend in Mexico and I had a big argument a while back and it was really hurtful. Afterwards, I felt I didn't trust him as much, and I don't even feel like friends with him any more. I did forgive him, but, it still hurts. For now, I'm pretending everything is fine. Should I just be honest with him and tell him the truth, or, keep it to myself and pretend everything is still fine?
He's been my friend since I was 5, and I told him something I barley told anyone,(that I cut) I thought I could trust him with it, but, he said he would leave me if I did it again, and was very rude and angry to me about it...
...he apologized to me, and I forgave him, but still...


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  • be honest. tell him it was painful for you to hear that. but he did apologize so at least you do know that he realized he made a mistake


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  • Of course you should be honest with him. It's the best way to handle any relationship.

  • Be honest. It's always the better option.


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