Why does my ex keep contacting me? I'm confused?

My ex broke up with me about three weeks ago. He didn't cheat on me or anything like that or vice versa. It was due to a conflict with life/career paths (he graduates later this year and with his career, he doesn't know where he will be living and he doesn't want to put me through that) and he also isn't ready for a long term relationship until he figures out his life and career path. But he said he will still have feelings for me for a long time and he won't be dating anybody else for a long time and to never worry about that. He told me if his career is close to me then he would like to open up the possibility of getting back together. He still wants me as his best friend. I try to distance myself from him but he keeps contacting me. He still asks to hang though we don't hang as much as we did when we were dating. He still flirts with me. We still talk A LOT though it's not as much as when we were dating. I notice he has tried mass Snapchatting other people after our conversation is over but he doesn't with me like he used to. He still wants me to go with him to a festival next weekend that we planned on going to while we were together.

I'm so confused though why does my ex want to keep talking to me? I know he said all those things to me but in my opinion if somebody wanted to TRULY end a relationship, they'd just cut their ex off. I never talk to him first anymore, he's always talking to me first.
I also try to do the "no contact" rule though he still wants to be my friend because I need at least space and time to heal from the relationship. But I can't do that I can't even go a day without talking to him because he contacts me so much
We also talked about giving each other space but he hasn't been giving me my space as I have tried to give him his space.


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  • the case of the ex- lol its a never ending story i swear to god.

    • what do you mean by that lol

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  • he doesn't want to end it


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