Getting over ex after college and moving on?

Hi. I'll try to keep this short. But here goes.

I had a gf in hs who was my best friend. We dated for 2 years then broke up because I wanted to live "the college life". We went to same college where we remained close (and probably got closer).

Fast forward 3 years*
At the end of my last year (graduating in 3 years and she still has 3 more semesters), she decides to finally say yes to the dude asking her out for months she was talking to and gets a boyfriend.

She says she was waiting for me but decided to try something new since she didn't know how I felt, and wanted me to go get a GF so I could be happy (She is the only one I've had). I'm hurt because right when she announces she is getting serious I was about to ask her out.

She wants me to remain "best friends". I try, but I feel sick to my stomach every time I speak with her. She says she still loves me, but wants me to change.
I disagreed with her wanting to be best friends because it hurts, so now she pretty much cut off communication (unfollowed/unfriended on social media).

I'm trying to move on but don't know how, due to the fact that I'm fresh outta college and the dating pool is near non-existent. On top of that she was my only friend so I have no one else to talk to. Any advice? And please no trolls.


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  • It seems to be over, once a girl asks you to change, it's usually a bad sign. Don't sound so depressed, you're still young, there are plenty of nice girls out there. Don't pine after her, it is definitely not worth it. There isn't exactly an easy way to get over someone, I took two years to finally get over this one guy, so my best advice, do not think about the past, what you could or shouldn't have done.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, it's definitely over, so I'd give up on that front.

    My advice right out of college (I am too) is to work on getting your finances under control and starting a career.

    If you build it, they will come.


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