Am I waiting for him for no reason should I move on?

So I was dating a guy for 4 months it was a kind of whirlwind thing we just connected so well and had so much fun together and laughed all the time

The last couple of weeks we had a few disagreements mostly misunderstandings and difference of opinions he got really angry with me one day and ended things I have tried a few times to talk to him he has responded but only short responses he hasn't made any effort to call me it's been 3 weeks and the last time we briefly spoke was 6 days ago should
I give up I just can't get him out
Of my head and normally I can just move on from men quite quickly?


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  • Break up with him when he drops you off home.If you do it during the car ride he might become angry or distracted that he might crash or swerve over the road.


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  • This situation sucks and I hear you wholeheartedly. I've been in similar positions and I've fucked up big time. All you can do is accept that you are human that you make mistakes, learn from the experience and move on. Two years ago I lost the chance to be with the love of my life. It sucks but life goes on and who knows what else might happen. In his case... let him cool down a bit he is probably really angry. however, since I dont know what happened I can't really say who was in the wrong, why he is being the way he is being and whether or not its a lost cause or if there is still some hope.


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  • Wow. This is 99% like the situation I'm in right now. Except I was with him for 5 months and I ended things because I was so frustrated and upset. We haven't spoken in 3 weeks as well and he blocked me on social networking sites. I haven't made any effort to talk to him though because he told me he needed space and didn't want to talk right now. I'm wondering if I should just give up as well and I know I should because if he really cared he would have made more of an effor to have already messaged me, and the same with your guy. But it's so hard to move on and stop thinking about them. And what sucks even more is the fact that they don't even seem to care.


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