Why is my ex girlfriend texting me even in a serious relationship?

Hi so I'm going to make this quick so in high school i started to date this girl and fell in love. Then I moved to to Illinois to he with her. Things went great then went bad not even a year there. So broke up and let her keep the car and because I'm so stupid I helped her out with any money problems. Well then she started dating this guy and now it serious. So she stopped texting me. Then last month she started texting me how much she hates her job and wishes she moved backed. Then we started texting even more. Then one weekend she's texting me and I see on Facebook that she's on some romantic getaway with her bf. I asked her why so was texting me and didn't really give me an answer. Now she's visiting here to see her family and not really sure if she wants to meet but we have talked about it. I'm lost because I don't think I have feeling for her. I just want to know why she's texting me and should I meet her if she's visits. To be honest I don't know what I'm asking here because I'm just plain confuse.


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  • I think she might have wanted to use you for money or resources. Don't meat her. She cheated on her boyfriend with you and she will probably cheat on you as well.

    • See that's the thing, she would have said something about it already. Before she would tell me about anything that she couldn't afford. She hasn't ask for anything in months.

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  • mind games

    • Yeah I think so, because she would tell me that she cries every night. Then I see on fb that she's the luckiest girl out there.

    • yeah I would never do that but ik girls and guys do that to mess with ya

  • She just wants attention

  • She is trying to use you for money or she thinks you will always be available. Tell her to leave you alone

    • I wish I could but somehow we both get back into each other's life.

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