Why can't we be friends? Hot and cold ex that I miss...?

My ex and I dated on and off since high school (silly break ups). I started college and we got back together. After some time we had a son and dated for a year and a half. We got into arguments and stuff then he broke up with me. I moved out then back in a week later. We were friends with benefits then stopped since he was now seeing someone. He kept rejecting my kisses (except for one time when I was drunk) and claimed it would bring up old feelings. Then he turned around and said all the niceness and stuff was just to make me feel better. He's been seeing this girl for a few months now and we stopped talking unless it's about our son. I came over once and he kept glancing over at me and smiling and I fell asleep on the couch and woke up with a blanket over me. Now, we don't speak unless it's about our son and he didn't even wish me a happy mother's day. Even when I brought it up jokingly. What's going on with him? It hurts losing my boyfriend and best friend. We even talked about getting married then he just changed on me.


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  • He isn't ready. It's not easy being just friends with someone you once were so much more with


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