is it unhealthy to stay? Red flag?

Everything was going great than I go to hang out yesterday and I can tell he's in a mood. He yells at me -this is the third time in two months. He said "should I treat you like everyone else does?" I've been abused abandoned or betrayed by every one who claimed to love me. So him taking it there made me cry. I don't wanna do this again. Should I go?


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  • I know of entire families that have been ripped apart by lesser comments. If he is willing to speak it, then the idea IS in his heart. Do you want to become a victim, again? If so, keep being around this guy.

    You can do better- much better- but you must forget the abuse you have suffered, and not let it cling to you. (I am also the product of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse) My suggestion is to take a break. Be alone for a while.

    Take a mental and spiritual inventory of yourself, and examine any roots of bitterness in your heart. No doubt you have been hurt by these unworthy men, and it has left you with lingering emotional trauma.

    Take some time off... From the dating thing.

    Relax... Take inventory of who you are, and try to remain humble. We oftentimes try to elevate ourselves above our situations- but all this does is create a puffed- up heart that is easier- broken.

    • Thank you for best answer. I hope you take my advice. Get some rest, you need it :)

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  • ditch that asshole ! you don´t want to be treated like that but in fact people tend to get used to types of relationships and subconsciously look for the same kind of relationship again... maybe you got used to the abusive one... whatch how he treats you and if its not the way you want to be treated, tell him you don´t like it. if he doesn´t change his ways, leave him asap!


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  • Yeah what he's holding over your head, the threat of abuse, is fcking disgusting. If anything, shouldn't he be more sensitive to the fact that you come from an abusive background? Knock him off his "high horse" and put him in his place! let him know that he is no different than the abusive people in your past and so you're done with him. You need to cut any abusers out of your life, even if it means being alone.. Ever heard the saying "I can do bad all by myself" - I think that applies here.


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