How to get rid of the dreaded ex?

Abut 4 months ago me and my ex broke up, but kept in contact still acting as if we were a couple. A month ago we broke it off completely after he was pretty nasty to me (like he had been when we first broke up, but love is blind hey). We agreed to not contact each other, I deleted him from every platform of social media and also his phone number.
The trouble is we live in a small city where everyone knows everyone, therefore is it impossible for me to escape him. I see him comment on mutual friends statues, I sit next to his best friend in one of my classes and my family and friends feel the need to tell me if they bump into him. I was really in love with this boy, it's took me long enough to accept the relationship to be over and be angry at him for all the rubbish he put me through, is it wrong for me to never want to see or hear his name again? I feel like I can't properly move on if he is still lingering round.
How do I get rid of him from my life?


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  • There are 2 simple options:

    Option 1:
    Hire a hitmen/serial killer, and pay him good money to get rid of that idiot. Then tell his family that you do not know how and who killed him (to remove suspicion) then for added bonus, go to his house and steal his money.

    Option 2:
    Take a naked picture of him and put it on an online p*rn site and show it to him after. Tell him that if he wants it removed, that he should never be near you or look at you ever again. If he still is there, then photoshop remove his dick and post it on a p*rn site in the female section then show it to him again.

    If none of these effective non tested options work, then congratulations and you're welcome.


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  • Sounds like you're pretty much stuck until you're old enough to move out and move away but I would definitely do that as soon as you're capable as it will be by far the best way to move on with your life.

  • cut off all communication.

    Communication is like a battery in a relationship, it won't run without it.

    • I have cut all communication but it's just the fact I ALWAYS hear abut him and it gets me down, I want to not have to even think about him anymore :(

  • You need to get into another relationship, or move away that's it really.

  • From personally experience, The best and sometimes only way to forget about someone is to be interested in someone else. Also, time helps.

    • I kind of want to enjoy being single, I mean I haven't been alone since I was 16. I want to discover who I am alone

  • Dont do what the most helpful said that is not right

    • Really? Because I love the idea of hiring a hitman ahaha!

    • Oh I thought you had agreed with the part of posting nude pictures of him

    • no I would never do that, bit childish plus I deleted all photos of him along time ago

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