Should I ask him to delete my number?

So me and my guys friend who have been kicking it for a year got into a sort of argument. My friend stole my phone earlier & started abusing him shall we say in a joking way. He joked back about some intimate stuff which actually really hurt me & knock my confidence. (He was getting really angry)

I told him it wasn't me who sent it & he said yeah I gathered (if he did or not I'm not sure.) I messaged him further on in the night asking if he meant what he said but told me he didn't know what I was on about. I told him to leave me alone & to not text me again.

He replied about he has no idea wtf I'm on about & how he's going to put this down to me being drunk & how he's going to end the argument by going to bed. He ended up favouriting 'so emotional. I hate everyone.' On Twitter after.

Do I ask him to delete my number?


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    • He made some comments on about my area down below which really made me worry & now I feel paranoid about any guy I get with, including him. I get now he was pretty angry & upset & lashed out. But the drink impaired all that & now I think he's pissed with me

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