Why does a guy not be friends with his ex?

okay to be honest..I was best friends with this guy... we were together.. we were engaged, and we were really close friends. We weren't like the usual couple. We motivated eachother alot, and had a lot of team work and were always having fun and being creative and we were into fitness and all. You know how couples usually act a certain way? well, we were really different to the usual couple. Though, he was a lot more emotionally attached to me, even though I wasn't even that umm... feminine. I was into drawing action comics and wasn't really "wife" material...Anyways, I had to break up with him... I was forced to (long story) anyways, I thought he would just forget and we could be friends again...because that's what he done with his last ex-gf..but even though we ain't mad at eachother, he really doesn't want my friendship. He doesn't hate me, but just doesn't want my friendship, it's just so strange, why does he not mind being friends with his other ex, but avoids me?


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  • Because there is no such thing as ''friendship'' between a man and a woman. The so called friendship you're referring is just an illusion of yours and every other woman's.

    • for some reason this comment made me seriously laugh...:) put me in a good mood all of a sudden thanks anyway

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  • I don't get why some girls think that someone can just forget months or years of a strong relationship and expect the lad to be just your friend. Sorry, but you're an idiot for thinking it was that easy.

    the guy is obviously very hurt by the break up and would find it incredibly hard to just be platonic friends with you, so he's decided not to - good for him.

    Let him be.

  • My guess is that seeing you hurts too much. It's too confrontational for him. Seeing you reminds him of what he doesn't have anymore, that he lost something that meant incredibly much to him. He wants to avoid dealing with that pain, probably believes that because of that pain, friendship between you simply isn't possible anymore.

    I don't think what he's doing is right, for him or for you. These things are incredibly hard to deal with, but pain is as much a part of life as happiness.

    However, I can also understand that he might feel that if he can't be with you romantically, he can't be with you at all. Perhaps it's simply something he wishes for too much.

    I don't know what forced you to break up with him, but it sounds to me like you meant a whole lot more to him than you realize. You're not just another ex to him, and so he can't move on the same way he did with his other ex girlfriends.

  • we still want them and can't stand them talking to other guys


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