Does he sound pissed off guys? Please help quickly? & what to do?

So me and my guy friend who I've been kicking it with for about a year had an argument last night I said some things like don't talk to me, don't text me and delete my number. He put it down to me drinking and quickly shut it down before it turned into more of an argument.

I messaged him this morning this:
Me: I'm sorry... I got a bit carried away last night with what you said it grated on me and hurt.

Him: I don't get what I have said?

Me: let's just forget it, okay? I don't want to get into this...

Him: sound

Me: you pissed now?

Him: no I'm trying to work.

Did he still sound pissed off? He's only ever used the word 'sound' when we argue. And he seems distant. What do I do? Do I invite him round tonight to chill and try patch things up? Or leave it?


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  • Ya invite him.
    But talk about what he said. And say what he said. Because if he honestly doesn't know. He won't know to not say whatever it was.

    As for does he sound pissed? Beats me. He's likely more confused as opposed to pissed off


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  • Sorry to break it to you but it looks like he doesn't care about you any more. Looks like he's happy to close that chapter.

    • If that was the case why on 3 occasions has he denied me walking away from him?

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  • Ya he seems mad. But he did reply so thats a good sign :) guys usually need a "cool down" time after they get mad so i'd say maybe give it a few days then invite him over


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