Why is my ex playing games? Are we going to get back together or could he be seeing some one else?

About a week ago I broke up with my boyfriend and decided to stop contacting him because we had a disagreement and I thought he was quite cold about addressing it. On Friday he messaged me that he loved me and I told him that I loved him too. Then we spoke about his new job and after that he stopped texting me. Then the following day goes by and I don't hear a thing from him. I tell him I miss him and he answers back quickly that he misses me too but when I try to talk to him about what does he want us to go from here next, etc.. he doesn't reply until hours later saying that the whole day he's been busy fencing and doing yard work.. helping his family out for a huge get together they're going to have. I realize that they live in the outskirts of town and have acres to take care of but honestly.. he couldn't set a moment aside not even at night to talk? It's bs to me. I haven't answered back and I'm sure he won't text me today either or who knows when. I feel like he may just be using me as a puppet even though he says he's not. Do I just continue on how I was with no contact? Maybe he's with someone else?


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  • hey
    you did the right thing he is just playing games with you & you dont deserve to be treated like that so forget him & move on... if you eanna talk, kik me MIKE_CENA, ps I won't hit on you, just talk


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