I just matched with my ex on Tinder?

So my ex broke up with me a few weeks ago (none of us cheated on each other or anything like that. It was because of a conflict of future plans since his future is unpredictable) but we still talk everyday and hang out, though it's not as much anymore or at least lately.

He told me he got a Tinder last night and think it's stupid (for those of you who don't know what Tinder is, it's a phone dating app that will let you only talk to your "match" or whom both of you are mutually interested). But then he tells me he just saw me on Tinder and asked me if he should left or right swipe me (left is to dislike, right is to like). I said it's his choice, not mine. He said he would right swipe me. So of course we match. Then he tells me that he uses it as a self-esteem booster and that he will never initiate the conversation and also that he doesn't trust the app.

But also, he promised me when he broke up with me that he wouldn't be talking to or dating any girls because of his future at the moment and to never think different. But he did say when it comes to hooking up with girls, if it happens then it happens.

Why would he be telling me all of this about Tinder though? We just broke up not that long ago and I know we still have feelings for each other, though mine are quickly fading away now.
I'm aware that I have one too and I'm also "guilty" but he told me he wouldn't be dating or getting into another relationship so I don't know why he would get one, let alone even tell me about it.
He just told me he's done with the app and it's not the hype like everyone makes it out to be


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  • You're single... he's single. Him saying he's not going to start dating isn't going to last long. There's only 1 reason people use tinder and it's not to talk about the weather.


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