I'm still not over him !!! I don't know what to do!?

It's been 3weeks and I'm still not over him I miss him like crazy non of my friends seem to understand what I'm going through there alll like his nothing his a lair his this his that I love him I can't move on I'm tired of all this over thinking I can't sleep I can't eat and he doesn't even care about me, he was the one who wwas always there for me when I needed him he was always there to talk to me his gone I'm all alone!!!


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  • Yeah, that sounds about right. So, what do you want to do about it?

    • I want him back but I can't his a lair he lies to me he hurts me he treats me bad!! When I'm with him I'm not happy and without him. I'm not happy! Like wth

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    • So what should. I do ask for him bck taalk to him? Or what

    • Neither. Just relax in a sauna and get mad at you, mad at him, and wear it all out. You'll run yourself dry trying to remember the good times, etc.

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  • The ones we live truly hurt us the deepest. I understand where you are coming from because I can relate. Your breakup is still fresh in my book and how you are reacting is totally normal and okay. If you cannot find any alternative to make yourself feel better, there is one thing that I can guarantee will help the wound, and that is time. Just cry it out but do not confine yourself in the house. Get fresh air and non sexual physical touch from someone whom you know. Having a hug or a back rubbing from someone other than yourself relieves stress and anxiety...trust me. You have to allow though. If you ever need someone to talk to and vent, I am here :) feel free to message me anytime!


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  • Yes, and it will get better with time, it has only been three weeks; which is a short time really

  • Allow yourself to feel the pain of the breakup, but then you need to move on.


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