Why would ex bf go from contacting me a lot to ignoring me?

So my ex dumped me last month after 5 years. I didn't speak to him for 2 weeks until he contacted me. It wasn't a bad breakup. He regularly started messaging on Facebook and calling. We agreed to having a friends with benefits situation. We met up once and he continued contacting me for a week after. Then yesterday I messaged him on fb and he was slow in responding and didn't say much of anything and was vague about when we'd meet again. Like why bother staying in contact with people and then suddenly act that way? I was fine not being in contact and then he initiated it and then acts like that.


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  • I would say that he is playing "the game". He contacted you after the break up because you were so fine with not seeing him, but he missed you. Now that you've been so easy to talk to, he is not interrested anymore, he just wants you to want him back because that would make the break up easier to him. It is a fucking annoying situation, but if you want to keep him as a FF, you should try to continue the game, since he already started it.

    Now, just remember that I COULD BE WRONG, and he just met someone else, but I have experienced this behavior a lot of times, and mostly it's the game.

    • So what should I do? Should I ignore him again until he contacts me?

  • He is an ex. So maybe he's thinking he doesn't have any responsibility or commitment anymore as to when he likes to contact or not with you. He has his own life and doesn't make you a big deal any longer. You are friends with benefits so I can sense he will communicate back with you when he wants sex. If he doesn't need it, he won't care to talk to you constantly. Or it could also be that 5 years in relt'p is long enough that he needs to gradually cool down and move on slowly by not communicating with you everyday till he's finally moved on except for sex part since you are friends w/ benefits. If I were you, don't bother too much as to why his behavior is like that, he's ex and he is just there for sex.


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