How do you usually break up with someone?

What method do you usually use when breaking up with someone? What methods have been used on you? Are there any that you believe are unacceptable? Does your opinion change depending on the amount of time you've been with the person?


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  • Face to face, and tell them bluntly.


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  • In my vast experience of *ahem* one break up when I was the very mature age of 15...I sent him an email.

    Nowadays, if I were to break up with someone I'd do it face to face, but back in the

    To be fair, I was afraid to do it face to face because he had intense anger control issues and he didn't have a phone or FB so we only communicated outside of school via email.

    *face palm* it was not the greatest way to do it though lol. My mom called his mom and apologized for my behavior lol

    The way I broke up with him was unacceptable. That and texting. I would maybe understand a phone call but face to face is the stand up way to do it.

    • You were 15, I think you can let that one slide. lol.

    • Oh good :p My mom STILL holds it against me - nearly 6 years later lol.

    • She tells me I'm not allowed to dump my current boyfriend that way and I'm like, "Well duh. I don't know his email address!" :D

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  • I punch them and say "TAKE IT" and then walk away.

  • Very gently


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