Ex's current boyfriend is getting jealous that we're still friends. Now what?

Okay so my ex and I broke up about a year ago give or take. Well anyway the breakup was mutual and decided to stay friends. Well anyway she recently about two months ago started dating a new guy. He knows about what we were and doesn't seem to happy about it. Example: May 5th I planned out her birthday. I did a Doctor Who theme since she fangirls over the series. I even make the cake myself. She really seemed to enjoy it all and thanked her parents, but they told her it was all my doing so in respond she hugged my really tight. I said it was no problem, but before the hug was over I caught a glimpse of what I believe was hate on her boyfriends face. I thought nothing of it at the time and we all continued on. Well it came time to open presents and when I brought out mine she actually screamed. I had gotten her a TARDIS cutout to go with the David one in her room. Soon the party started dying down and people started to leave.

Well I was in a room by myself with her boyfriend walked in asking what I thing I was doing. I was confused at first then he started talking about how he knew what I was up to and to stay away from his girlfriend. Well almost immediately after it happened I went to talk to her and ask what was his problem. But that only ended in a fight between the two of them.

Since then it seems things haven't gotten any better. On one hand I don't want to be the cause for a friend's relationship to end and on the other I'm not going to just stop being friends with someone she because some guy is jealous. I honestly have no desire to get back together with the girl, we just seem to have more fun just being friends than we ever did as a couple.


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  • you can't help what he feels. he does seem incredibly jealous and insecure about himself when it comes to you. there isn't really much you can do. if you don't want to end the relationship, i wouldn't do things like you mentioned above anymore.


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  • The guy is very insecure. It's not like you were hiding the fact that you were doing something nice for her? I would say there's nothing much you can do to change how he feels, just don't instigate any fights between the two of them.

  • Cut your losses.
    It never ends well to remain friends with an ex.


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