Does anyone know about the laws in Ontario about abandoned property and separation?

So I'm trying to be a mature adult about this.
My boyfriend dumped me at the end of March he hasn't picked up his stuff I'm just wondering when it qualifies as abandon property.

Second problem is that while dating he bought a tv for us and I bought a bunch of parts for his car he would of but I already had an ebay and paypal account when the tv was bought I made a joke about when we break up I get the tv cause it's about the same about as I paid for the car parts he jokes and said ya but now he finally said he's coming to get his stuff and he made a comment about taking the tv and I would of been fine with it but now my original tv is gone so I have nothing and I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything legal about the situation.


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  • what parts did you get for his car?

    • does it make a difference

    • Head lights tail lights grille emblems some stuff for the interior door handles

    • it does make a difference. if he wants the tv, let him have the tv. just ask him to have all those parts ready for you before he comes for the tv.

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