Should I cut off all ties with my ex or talk to him about things?

My ex broke up with me about a month ago because of a conflict in life and career goals though he won't be moving away for at least another 8 months. He said he'd rather do it now than later because it would be a greater chance of me remaining a friend and also he said he isn't ready for a long term relationship until he gets his life and career together. He promised he wouldn't be interested in or in another relationship with another girl for a long time. He said everything we had will still be there and he is not leaving me or anything that we had behind. But everything isn't there. He said it will be hard for him because I'm such an incredible girl and an incredible all-around person and he said he honestly liked me a lot.

We don't talk as much and we don't hang as much as we did the past couple of weeks. I was with him at his dad's today and he didn't tell him we broke up yet so we had to act like we were together still. He tells me about the Tinder account he has and about his time on the dance floor at a bar this past weekend. I saw him snapchatting an "ex" that he told me that he didn't care about while we were dating. He cut all ties with her off before me and him started dating so they didn't speak for at least 8 1/2 months though she tried contacting him. He doesn't know that I saw him. I know we're both single, but to me it's too early for him to talk to me about those things. Also with the "ex", I have always suspected he wasn't fully over her but made the mistake of never asking him about it while we dated so him talking to her now, it seems like to me that I was right the whole time and I feel awful thinking about it.

But while we were dating, he treated me amazingly and we were each other's best friends. I still love and care about him so much. It's just after the break up that all this drama started.

So with all this said, should I cut off ties with him at least for awhile? Talk to him about this? What should I do?
I ended up talking to him about things... a mutual friend told me stuff. But he was very honest with me and we are fine right now as friends. When it comes to my feelings for him, that's still a different story and something I'm still figuring out


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  • It's sad and I know you must be hurt. Take this as a chance to grow in mind and spirit. Don't limit yourself over a promise. the only promise we can be sure to keep is those we fulfill ourselves, when we really put our all into it. I'm assure you it will be fine. at first it might be tough, over time things will get better. let it go, if it comes back to you it's yours if it doesn't it never was. It is not fair for either of you to isolate yourselves from the rest of the world. things change and so do people


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  • The most you can do at the moment is be his friend, and try to hang on to at least This much. Apparently you both are still hanging out, although many things have changed, And may continue To change, but what you have built in the past, is still somewhat there.
    No, you don't have any right now to pry into his personal business to whatever he is doing. You need to concentrate on your own life now, at least a little, and if you are meant to get back together in the future, ol' Mother Nature will sow the seeds you may still want to reap with him.
    Play everything by ear, and go with the flow. I am not promising what could happen once he moves away, or what Could happen even before he moves. Who knows...He may want to get back together with you next week, and with the break up still fresh, he may realize it's harder than he thinks to lick these fresh wounds.
    You sound like the kind of girl who doesn't give up easily. So stay in the game awhile, play it cool, and perhaps if he sees you are a Still a 'best friend' in deed, may make or break you with him.
    Good luck.xx

  • For now, lay low on the contact. not cut off.

  • Cut ties move on!


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