Can someone give me some an outside perspective?

I'm really confused. A month ago my ex and I broke up. We never went no contact and have been in contact every 2-3 days at the least. The break up was my fault and now he doesn't have as much trust in me as he used to. At first when we would talk, it was all fighting and arguing about what happened. That continued for a week or so. Slowly it got more peaceful and we slept together a couple times. At first, it was just sex, it refused to cuddle/hangout and I went home immediately after like he asked. He was still mad about what happened then. We would get into arguments the next 2-3 times we hung out, and he'd say we're never hanging out again. After talking for 2 days straight, he said we shouldn't talk anymore because it's stopping him from moving on. Over time we fought less and now we don't fight at all. We've been hanging out a lot now, and he even ditched one of his friends to hang out with me. We do everything we used to when we were together, cuddle/kiss etc. He even let me stay over for the first time since we were together. But he says he doesn't want to get back together. I know he still cares and gets jealous cause he goes through my phone and constantly asks questions about people, my Facebook etc. I don't know what to do? I want to get back together.


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  • The kind thing to do would be do move on. Im guessing you cheated, but whatever the case, when there is a massive breech of trust, its not something that can be got over, because it will forever be there in the back of their head, wondering if they are being told the truth.

  • If you cheated move on, my partner cheated and I went on for 2 more years before making her move out a few weeks ago,,, next person. Who cheats on me is has no second chance as I can't repair a disloyal relationship I never forgot what she done,


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