Why do Guys give mixed signals? They lift u up and promise you things and then drop you like nothing. One min. He cared and the next it's over. Help?

My ex boyfriend and I have known each other all of our lives. He has always been flirty with me and in high school he tried to date me but I didn't go for it because I had another boyfriend. We started dating a year ago and recently broke up. We kind of moved too quick. In one year we have dated, moved in together, broke up, dated again, broke up, became friends and up until last night we don't talk. My ex boyfriend and I started dating right after he had broken up with his baby's mom. We moved too quick and I know that. But we started as friends and right after a few weeks we began to date. He said he felt comfortable with me because she always judged him, criticised him and his personality. When we were living together we were perfect. We were both happy and she was finally out of the picture. Her opinions never mattered and because we were away she never bothered us. He is a good dad but she always tends to make him feel lik a piece of sh**. Her personality sucks, she's heartless and mean. If you even look her way she'll give you the stink eye. She's always been that way. We moved back to our hometown in Feb. and the first week we were back we were great. Then he got distant, said he needed to focus on his daughter and we broke up. Later I found out it was because she was telling him she missed him and wanted her family back. She is engaged with another man. And she treats my ex like crap, she has always controlled him. Everyone knows she doesn't care about him But she has some control over him. In March We finally talked about it and agreed to become friends and work on our relationship. Last night he told me he can't get over her. In the past he has spoken to me about engagement, having our own family, getting our own place etc. But he always tends to go back on his word. Last night he told me I didn't deserve to deal with this crap. I haven't spoke to him all day. He texted me this morning telling me he wishes me the best, I deserve it. Does he even care?


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  • Sorry but I think he has ended it with you. I think he is telling the truth that he isn't over her. The fact he has a child with her is pulling him further away

    • It's fine. I understand and I can accept that. I have a child too. I've been through so much with him already that I feel like I can handle it now. He told me he hasn't gotten over her but he hates it. He wishes he could not care and he doesn't know what to do. He wouldn't get back with her, He just wants to get over her.

    • I just don't know if to give him his space or what? Because I know he doesn't want to let me, go but he feels lik he has to because he has put me through a lot already. I've practically dealt with this all year. Why am I still here? I have no idea:/

    • Yes give him space. I'm sorry you are going through this, it must be awfully hard

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