How can I be happier being back to normal and me again but still be sad and miss what I had?

This weekend I realized I was happier then I'd been in a very long time. I actually felt like myself instead of a shell of who I was when I was in a relationship.

I was with someone I loved but after the fact I think he was actually emotionally abusive. He complained I wasn't who I was before and he was right I wasn't it wasn't me. I couldn't figure out why but talking to my friends this weekend things he said and did made it so I wasn't I had to watch what I said and did cause I wanted to make him happy.

That makes me angry! I'm not that kind of girl usually but I was. I know I'm happier now and it's better but I'm still broken I still love him knowing all this stupid shit about him.

I just don't understand how I can be on both sides


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  • The only thing you can do is, find something you love doing, and keep doing it if you can. I am in the same position as you right now...though I still want her back...I haven't completely given up...but I realize my chances are extremely low.

    • I know I have no chance but if I did I don't even know if it would be a good idea to do it

    • You have to ask yourself, deep down and admit whether or not he is good for you. If you honestly feel he is worth it, I'd say go for it. Better know that you tried than regret later and always asking yourself "what if?"

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  • Starve the desires and feelings you still have for him and they will eventually die off. It's going to take time.. but stop feeding the feelings by thinking about him all the time. You need to find some good distractions.

    • I have plenty of distractions but I can't stop thinking about him I'm trying

    • I guess only time can heal that wound then :( feel better soon, girly!

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