What is this guy's motivation why would he do this?

So my ex and I were together for 5 years and recently his parents got a divorce which took a huge toll on him. 3 weeks after divorce was official (the day I came home from college) he says " He doesn't think he can commit any more" and "he doesn't know what love is" I was okay and supportive and said I was here for him regardless of the romances of our past. Fastforward 2 weeks later he calls me at 12:45 am after deleting me from his Facebook. He's crying and saying he wants me back etc. so I ask him what happened to no commitment etc? and he says "I only meant I couldn't commit or love anyone but you." What the fuck? I said ok and just dropped it. The next day he begs me to come over after work and I do. We start talking about everything that happened with us and while I'm mid sentence he interrupts me and kisses me. We get into a really intense love session (making out, fingering, oral,(saving sex for marriage)) and after we cuddled and watched movies etc. and I left for home. well the next day he didn't call me or anything and the day after that and it's been a week. I texted him but he doesn't respond. What happened to the whole "can't live without you" bs?
Should I confront him?


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  • It was a lie, you didn't give him what he wanted or he thought better of it


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