Smh, ever sent a dear John letter?

I hope he was satisfied. I hope my heart ache bring him joy, and I hope my feelings I told him I had for him made him feel better about himself. I hope it's was everything he could of ever imagined. I hope the miserable night I spend not sleeping or eating gives him a hard on, it's all because of you anyway. Be proud. To think that you broke some body spirit and just think for the rest my life ill owe it all to you, thanks you Sure did teach me something new. Here, you taught me that a mother persons feelings don't mean shit unless your getting something for it, Also you showed me people are liable to do anything for a pretty smile. And if you make a person believe they are great and compliment them, they'll give you anything you need, and it's all about YOU!, never judge a book by its cover, and this is my favorite The WORD LOVE IS JUST ANOTHER WORD, AND ITS NEVER ME AT TO BE TAKING SERIOUSLY.Thanks for contributing to my fears, of trust.Being kind to another human will be a cold day in hell. I'll rather off myself first. I hope you can talk/laugh about what you've done for years to come with the friends you hang out with and laugh at how this girl who was actually nice to you, cared genuinely for you, how you crushed her into little pieces.Thought i could trust you, how dumb of me..right? Or even funnier how i actually believed you liked me. Haha hyst Cheers! To the good times your the man !
A regular ole Captain Fucking America!!. Bottoms up your a hero and a inspiration to all. So clever, you have all the answers. What you've done made me a better person. Thanks for opening me up, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't believe creeps do exsist, it'll be a cold day in hell if I ever help someone ever again. I owe it all to you and that great thought process. Glad you chose me to take a huge dump on. I appreciate you so much for that. Although I don't think I could repay you, but I just wanna say your the best!
Good bye forever I hope!


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  • So what is your question to the gag community?


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