Will my ex come back to me? I'm heartbroken?

So I was seeing a guy for 6 months while he was in an awful relationship with lots of baggage. He left his girlfriend and we fell in love, everyday was perfect we did exciting things together and couldn't get enough of each other then all of a sudden he called it off, said he still loved me and wanted to be close but didn't want to be in a relationship and needed to be alone. I'm heartbroken, I put so much into this guy and this relationship and I know he did too so why has he all of a sudden gone cold? We work together so it's going to be very hard to hide my emotions and very hard for me to stay away. I collected my belongings from his house yesterday and we talked like nothing had changed, our bond is just too strong. I'm 22 and all my friends are in relationships and I feel like I'm always the one to get hurt! Will he come back to me in time or should I not get my hopes up? Help :'(


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  • First, I'm sorry you are hurting, asker. One way or another, try and remember "and this too shall pass."

    Now, no one can say why he decided to not pursue a relationship with you. Certainly I can't. Will he come back to you? Well, I can't answer that either. Possibly. I think perhaps you should set limits on to how long you will wait for that to happen.

    If he doesn't come back to you, then I'm afraid time is the greatest remedy. That and staying active. It might be useful to take some time to reflect on what you've learned. Perhaps there's a lesson here about dating someone you work with. Understand that no matter how much we may want them to, most relationships don't work out. I'm not saying love is a fairy tale, it's just statistically most relationships end with pain, some sooner than others. Given that this is the case, perhaps it's best to steer clear of men that you work with as potential romantic partners.

    Here's one way you can get your hopes up, even if he doesn't come back to you. It would appear that he was attracted to you on some level. If you attracted him, you could attract others, too! In a world of 3.5 billion men, I don't think there's just one man for you, but many. If you attracted this guy who left you, then you can attract another man. A man who will love you back the way you love him.

    I often felt the same way that you feel right now when I was 22. You've attracted a man who you liked. That's a good sign, isn't it? It just didn't work out. So you'll just have to attract another. Remember, if not him, then someone else.

    You take care now.


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  • I think he's being pretty clear, just give him space, you never know he will probably start to miss you. I feel for you workplace romances are soooooo hard xxx

    • I know I need to give him space but it's hard when I know we both feel strongly for each other. Moving on from him scares me because he's all I wanted in a relationship. And the thought of him moving on is even worse!

    • I know, there's nothing you can do. The best thing you can do for yourself is to step back and let him go, otherwise you will chase him away further with intense emotions. I know it's hard but you can do it

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  • You said he left his girlfriend to be with you. People who are in a relationship and jump from one to another have no consideration for anyone but themselves.

    If you want someone why not go after someone single? and not trading one for another. You went for the rebound and got caught. A bad come back.

  • If he asked for space give it to him simple as that.
    Will he come back? No one knows.
    Why did he leave? No one knows.
    What is wrong with being dingle for a few months? Nothing

  • That's a tough one

  • Don't get your hopes up.


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