Is it ok to say "Never Ever Like Me In That Way Again" when rejecting someone?

Or, should I have been nicer and found nicer things to say.

I said it because I felt like I was a girls last available option.
  • Yes, Its ok to say "Never Ever Like Me In That Way Again"
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  • No, you should have been nicer and used nicer words
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  • I don't get it. Why did you say it?
    I mean if you were trying to let her down, that was probably the most arrogant, prick-ish way to go about it.

    If you said it because you didn't like the disrespect of being treated like a last option then that just made you sound like a spaz without putting her in her place.

    • I stared right through her, gave her "I'm not going to be the last option" speech, and then said "Never Ever Like Me In That Way Again" to reinforce that I don't like being the last option.

      It must have worked because this girl hates my current girlfriend badly and talks shit about her constantly.

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    • The worse thing is that this girl has never met my girlfriend yet talks shit about her. ughh

    • Yep, lol. Then what I said is DEFINITELY true.

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What Girls Said 2

  • no. you can not tell someone how to feel you can tell them how you feel. what you want dont want. it is not your place to tell them how to feel. their feelings are their responsibility. your feelings are yours.

    you can tell tem i dont like you and i never will. or something to that effect. but you can not-reasonably- tell them how they should feel about you. its really not your business how they feel as long as you want not to do with them.

    • you can say stay way from mr.

      but really i think 'im not interested' is best and simple.

      you could also be an adult and tell her why instead of basing your decision purely on surmises.

    • its not bad bc its not 'nice; its just not accurately dealing with the situation from an angle that s appropriate for -you- to be dealing with it.

  • No because that just sounds bad and could end all contacts.

    • Unfortunately it did end all contacts and I lost a friend. Now she is always talking shit about my current GF and she has never met my current GF.

What Guys Said 1

  • That's a crazy way of putting it, lol.


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