After you break up with your girlfriend just because you weren't happy anymore, do you think about her at all?

My boyfriend just broke up with me because he said he simply wasn't happy. We used to be fine until he started playing on the tennis team and there was a girl who flirted with him all the time. We had already broken up once because he still has feelings for his ex girlfriend. Was it understandable to still be skeptical about other girls flirting with him all the time? I feel like he lost interest in me because the other girl. All I want to know is do you think he misses the times when we were happy and so in love? I just want to know what you guys would do. We used to be the cutest couple in the whole school before he hung out with the other girl at tennis. Would you all miss me. I would have done anything for him. I still love him. Tennis is over now and he's not around that girl anymore. I cried at school for days and its been almost 20 since we broke up. I still cry a little. Im not that close to my parents and he was who I went to talk to when I had a problem and he made it easier. Well us breaking up is a problem and I can't talk to him about it. Im broken.
  • you would me me
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  • think about me a little
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  • not consider me
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  • try not to look at me and forget
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