Any tips on getting over a mutual break up?

We were together 5 years and things got complicated and we broke up and he reached out to me and I found out how bad of a place he was in and he was using me as his emotional punching bag. I really love him but I didn't like where this was. any tips on how I can cope?


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  • I have recently went through a break up and I try and keep myself as busy as I can and if the next time u talk to him if he starts using u as a emotional punching bag stop him and tell him that if he continues to talk to u in that way u won't speak to him anymore

    • as of right now I think this is a "clean break" but knowing his track record I doubt he will be with out me long. He's very emotional and has a bad past and I was the only girl to ever take time with him to understand

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    • do u think he feels anything? all he said was "okay "

    • I am sure he does u were together for 5 years

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