Emotionaly unstable girlfriend destroyed my life?


I was in relationship with a girl that I wish someone can understand her attitude !!

In my previous relationships I used to treat girls in a bad way but this the only girl I treated her very good and I was so romantic and gentle I did everything she asked for.

on the other hand she hurted me many times.

for example when she travels she calls me from the airport even if we were together before one day and when she travels she never call or text and she never says to WHERE SHE IS TRAVELLING !!! when I ask her it's normal why do you get mad!!

she only remember me at night or when she have nothing to do she never ever replied my text messages or she call back only IF I TREAT HER BAD she change completely and turn into romantic and lovely girl, and of course for few days then she get mad so I have to apologize.

I should make her jealous and ignored a little so she act normally, but in both cases she love to talk to me minimum 2 hours a day and she love to go outside with me. sometimes I feel she love me in her free time or she remember or I am just her toy, but why she get mad if she thing I am cheating on her she shouldn't care right !!

at the beginning of the relationship she asked me to call her many times even if she don't pickup she feels happy and I did so one day I found she was telling her friends that I am so pushy and she hates that !!

I love her so much and before two days I got mad from her attitude so I blocked her on whatsapp I got tired from checking her lastseen and why she dont' reply if I send her song or so. she called she said I am sorry I said I dont' want to see you anymore and I insulted her. I felt guilty then I tried to apologize she said I dont want you that I am the unstable person not her and she deserve better one.

I can't forgive her I feel so sad is it good to leave her or it was my fault?

till now I can't find explanation to her attitude many times she said I love you I miss her.
I can't get over her I keep thinking ! that simple she can leave me !! I feel so sad I wish someone can help me with this negative feelings.
I feel bad because I insulted her first time and she did insult me back. :(


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  • Karma? I mean you treated other girls badly, so this is the girl you attracted, which, by the way she sounds awful. You will be much happier without her negative energy. Work on yourself as a person, treat people nice and you will attract better (nicer) women.

    • No my mistake was I loved her toouch right thing is not to have too much feelings toward anybody

    • This is why I said Karma: In my previous relationships I used to treat girls in a bad way...Also, just throwing in the towel on love is the easy way out and you will lead a lonely life until you are 40 and realise you wasted your youth finding love because of some silly girl. Don't be THAT guy. Plenty of ladies out there who could be the one you just have to be wise and yes, perhaps hold back a little until you find her.

    • You can't help who u fall in love with u can say all u want that u won't fall in love again but be honest with yourself chances are u will fall in love again just take some time and heal

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  • dude its much better like this...if she didn't have time for you when you were in the relationship i don't think she will change now

    • She had time but she don't call she just want me to run behind her

    • so do you wanna spend you time running after a person?

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