He broke up with me why is he calling me?

My ex broke up with me 3 months ago and then 2 nights ago I got a missed call from him at 2:40am so I figured he was drunk and didn't pay attention to it but then my friends told me that her ex (who is friends whith my ex) called her the same night at the same time and that one of her good friends told her that her ex and my ex had been drinking a bit but they weren't drunk and her ex decided to call her to see how she was doing and he told my ex to do the same but apparently my friends ex called her twice when she didn't answer..my bf only called once and I feel like he just did it cause his friend told him too

but what pisses me off is that im trying to move on (and he knows this) and he has the audacity to call me to see how I am...wtf how the fuck does he think I am after he broke my heart.

My question is why would he call when he know im trying to move onn and did he just do it out of peer pressure. ?


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  • Peer pressure


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  • It hard to tell since the only thing to go on was he was told from his friend. So it possible he just did it because he was told and didn't see the bug deal. But for all we know they were talking about you and your fried and who knows how your ex felt it hard to tell. But just ignore him sure he not helping you by calling because your in the moving on process and it makes it harder but keep focusing on your self so you can be where you wanna be moved on. If it was important he would of called again or try again so dont let him phase you at all.


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  • Just ignore him. As you said, he was probably told by your friend's ex to do it. And even if he wasn't, so what? Maybe he just wanted to have a friendly talk, or maybe it was a booty call. If you're trying to get over him, just forget about this little incident and move on. It's not worth worrying over, it was just a call. And if he knows that you're trying to get over him and that you don't want him to contact you, he's an idiot for calling. So just leave it at that. It's whatever.


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