How can I get rid of my ex's thoughts? Do u recommend I get back to her?

Hi everyone:
I am 32 single and a PhD graduate. 18 months ago one of my students (24 yrs) showed interest in me. She insisted a lot and asked for my phone number and got into closer contact. I was single and she was attractive, so I was tempted to have a closer relationship with her. After a short while, she told me that she has been married for 5 years but she is in the process of divorce because her husband cheated on her twice. That made me a bit cold. But she kept calling me and she said that it's nothing serious and we are not gonna fall in love. After a while, she invited me to her friend's house (without the consent of her family (her mother died of cancer) coz she knew she is not doing the right thing—no one of her family knew about our relationship) and after a couple of times we had sex. After a month, she started buying gifts for me like mobile, watch, ipad, clothing items, household stuff, etc. She was hot and lively. We used to laugh over the smallest things. I never felt bored beside her and neither did she. She loved me so much and loved my inner child! She felt that she is my mom and enjoyed being my mom! She said I am perfect for her. I was happy too. But deep inside I had some worries that I couldn’t solve:
1. She was still married. How can she remain faithful to me when she is not faithful to her ex? (I know her ex cheated on her but is this the right way?) I don’t know her ex but heard he is a good guy.
2. She believed in some habits like spell and energies
3. I didn't have the consent of my family
These problems made me break up with her.
It's 7 months of no contact now But I don’t know why I can't stop thinking about her. It isn't like the first months, but I would have expected to get over her by now. I dated a couple of girls after break up. Some perfect ones, but she was still there in my mind wherever I would go. please help..


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  • you do have some legit concerns, and i can tell you all the usual blah blah crap of "some people take longer to get over than others", which i'm sure you know.

    you could try to reinitiate things with her if you miss her that much and see if she is actually divorced now, so the #1 problem you had with her would go to the question of if you trust her enough or not.

    for #2 do you mean like the crystals and chakra mumbo jumbo stuff? if thats the case, there are people like that. if it conflicts with your morals and values, then she isn't the person for you.

    #3 i too want my relationships to be family approved, but i've learned that sometimes that isn't always the best thing. you have to do what you want to do.

    • Masmaii
      Thanks for your reply.
      Well, I don't know if I trust her coz as I said I fear she does the same thing as she did with her ex. However, she was so honest with me during our relationship.
      Yeah she believes in Halo reading, tarot cards, etc. and she accused me of cheating based on these stuff.
      These are the things that acted like a strong NO to her...

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