Have I pushed my ex away for good?

My ex was a bit of a lad when we got together, he was really scared of commitment and so it took about 4 months until we became official.

Everything was great and we made it to the 6 month mark, he was even the first to say I love you.

About a month ago, I found out I was going to be moving a 2 hour drive from him, and it freaked him out so much because he was convinced we'd argue, get jealous and break up eventually after all the pain. I decided to end our relationship for his own good and we decided instead to start 'seeing each other'

He then began distancing himself from me, not spending as much time with me and eventually avoiding me... then one night, we went home together, slept together and he made me take all my stuff back from his.

He then ignored me for a week. Then, when I decided to move closer, he said it was too weird now between us and that he had already got too deep in the getting over process and that it was like an addict finally kicking the habit and then the drug is legal.

He decided he didn't want to get back with me and that "things aren't the same now" since we hadn't seen each other. It's been about a week or 2 since I've seen him, and we've barely spoken... What on earth can I do?
The last time we saw each other was the night we went home together and slept together.

Please please help me. I just wish I knew what to do to make him invested in me again but he says his emotions got messed around big time.

I think me acting desperate and being too eager really made me unattractive to him.

How can I get this guy back?


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  • If you guys share a common circle of friends then make him see what he is missing when everyone gets together. Go out with other guys and show him you are having a great time. Not necessarily sleep with anyone else, unless you want to, but just show him how happy you are even without him. That will peak his interest again.


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  • i think you should wait and let him work through his feelings, because it sounds like he's an emotional wrecking ball right now- something you don't need to be apart of. give it some more time, and see where things are. if he isn't ready yet, then move on.

  • It's not too late he prob just doesn't want his feelings hurt again, my advice is to distance yourself from him cut all contact I know this will be hard I am going through similar at the min except he ended if and is now bitter towards me, men always come back but sometimes it's when it's too late and we have moved on good luck xxx


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