Do you miss your ex?

Have you ever experienced this? You dated someone for a month or short period and something happened and it led to a break up. Even though the relationship was very short, you miss her/him a lot more than others you had dated before. I dated this girl for a month and my stupid mistake put an end on our relationship. I really regret what I had done. It's not like she's my first love, but my feeling toward her is a lot stronger than I had for my other exes. I dated a girl for a year and I didn't miss her as much as I missed my current ex.


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  • This is super helpful. :) I am going through being dumped by someone because they wanted to get their life together (totally understandable) but just wanted to know if there was a possibility even though our relationship was short, that he missed me.

    I have a reverse question for you.

    So my ex dumped me, and unfortunately we live in different countries. I have asked that he mail me back my stuff (i mailed him a box and all he has to do is pack it and put it outside to be picked up) but he is dragging his feet actually doing this. Why? If he broke up with me why wouldn't he want to get rid of my things?

    Sorry for hijacking your post, this is my first post on the site and finding a proper place to put this was overwhelming XD

    • You still have feelings for him. I still have a lot of memory triggers about her: movie tickets, aquarium ticket, her sweet messages, pictures of us, etc. I put them aside where I can't see but I didn't totally get rid of them. Probably he wants to keep them with him because he misses you.

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    • honestly, he is very lazy and this eye opener for me getting over him faster. I hope you find the answers you were looking for and thank you so much for helping me. <3

    • Yeah just get over him. He dumped you because he wanted to get his life back. I would say that's a silly excuse. I don't want to hurt your feeling, but I wanted to be honest.

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  • Maybe i am not the right person to answer because i have never missed any of my exes. If a relationship finishes, i close that book, open a new chapter. Because i don't get that point easily. When i decide, i am done.
    And also i find unfair to new one ; because you never concentrate on current relationship in that way.

  • It's been exactly a month since my last break up and it still hurts. We were together for almost 5 months though but I was with another one of my ex's on and off for two years and I didn't feel as hurt with him when we broke up as I do with this most recent break up of mine. It really does suck especially since we were friends for 3 years and now we haven't even spoken a word to each other since the break up. He told me that he needed space and didn't want to talk right now so I just ended the conversation and he never tried to contact me. It certainly hurts. I know how you feel I'm here if you need to talk.

    • I can't really say I got completely over her, but I feel a lot better. I was wondering a month of relationship could have stronger feeling than a year of relationship.

  • Yes but only until I find sineone new


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  • Yeah...just finally getting over her. I dated a girl for 3 short months but I constantly thought about her. I always think about what could of happened if our relationship lasted longer. What could or should I have done differently? Was she the one? all of these questions come up all the time.

    Its especially hard if it was a special type of girl you never dated before.

    • Hmm probably that's why. She was my dream girl.

  • I do but i know well sure that she doesn't miss me nor thinks about me and i can't be like her coz i really felt we both have a connection


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