Why would my ex tell people he dated me for over three years when we only dated a year and a half?

I was browsing through a dating site and found my ex on there. I was curious to see his dating profile and it said: "Longest relationship: over 3 years"
Well he always tells other people "Ive loved her for 3 years!" in front of me. We dated and then broke up and he got with a rebound girl and dated her for a year and while he was dating her he would try to talk to me and say that he still had feelings for me but his family hates me so he can't be with me (i did somethin really bad). I know he loves me but we only dated a year and a half so why did he say he dated me for over 3 years?


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  • To make himself sound good on the dating site.


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  • On a dating site it could make it seem like he's more into serious relationships. He probably feels it makes him look like a better guy that way.


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  • Just to make it sound more significant


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