Why do I still miss my ex 1.5 years after she dumped me?

The ironic thing is that I have dated other women since then. In fact (and I know this sounds shallow), I recently dated a gorgeous woman who was more attractive than my ex. Yet, I dumped her!

And I find myself thinking about the ex all the time. My friends remind me that I did not seem all that jazzed about her at the time, so they are perplexed.

I tried to at first ignore her with no contact. Then when I saw her at an event, she was friendly. I didn't want to push, so I let it alone. In the meantime, I did date around, mainly because I was upset that some dude was hitting on her in my presence. My ex seemed to have enjoyed the attntion, even though I later found out she dissed the dude.

Anyway, I tried to be friendly with her again the next time I saw her, but she was cold and rude to me. I later found out that she heard about me dating around.

I should be over this, but I am not.

What to do? I don't want to be like her other exes and call back.
To clarify, the one I am hung up on is the one who dumped me.
The last comment has a point: I am usually better at breakups when I don't see or hear about the person.


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  • Maybe you were attracted to her intellect or personality or the meaning that she seemed to add to your life. When I have my heart set on somebody I don't like at other guys - even if the new guys are better and more attractive than the person I have my heart set on. If you think these feelings will remain - see if you can get her back.

    • Thanks, but it's kind of hopeless at this point. She is probably in a relationship and I am afraid to ask. I just need to meet someone I click with and with whom there is no drama. The last girl I dated hate a best friend who hated me for no reason.

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  • If you really want to be with her all you have to do is tell her how you feel girls love that crap. But the only reason why she was probably being rude to you was because you did dump her after all ! Also girls get 100 times more jealous when they get dump and find out the guy is already finding other people so she probably is mad at the fact you had a girl after your relationship. And her being nice that was just her trying to kill you with kindness and have you crawling back to her.

  • If you still feel that strongly about her, tell her!!! I wish my ex would say that he misses me. I TOTALLY understand how you feel. My ex told me to move out in November of 2013 and I still can't let go. No one compares to him. When you have that kind of chemistry with someone, it's hard to find it again!!! Contact her and ask her to meet you at the park. Take a walk and talk...remind her of what she LOVED about YOU!!! Good luck!!!

  • You will never get over her so long as she is in your life in any way shape or form. Block her out in every possible way. Make it so you never hear her name or see her face. Otherwise you will forever be keeping that wound open.
    Why torture yourself? Can't help when you ran into her and gave it a shot. But you'll never get over her until she's out.


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