Do I even try to win her back at this point?

I'm 22, she's 21/ I've been with her for almost 3 years now. We have something very unique. We do fight sometimes, over stupid things..but what couple doesn't? We are currently living together, and have been for over a year. We have similar pasts, similar goals, and similar ways of thinking. Early into our relationship I discovered she was messaging a guy on FB. From my knowledge it didn't surpass "poke war" talk. This entered questions in my head early on, which resulted in me doing the same. Which was wrong. I digress.. As things grew on, we began our life together. I saw her all the time, I'm always around her, and I saw this as both a good and bad thing. We would financially help each other, and be there when things got tough. She would get jealous over small things, WE would get rather mean when we fought, and we seldom truly grew from the fights we had, rather ended them out of exhaustion. Or just forgetting what it was all about..Over the past 6 months I've been wondering what it'd be like to be single. I'm focused on my future, and felt maybe she was hindering me. When in reality she was only helping. There were times I would see gorgeous women, and want to be with them. I thought I wanted to be single..boy was I wrong. So she found a few messages on my phone talking inappropriately with someone. I want to figure out what possessed me to do this, and if I should try to save my relationship. She gave up a lot for me, and wanted it all with me. I fucked up and realized what I wanted...I think MY QUESTION. Do I try to get her back? Some of her friends already know. and quite honestly I don't care what I have to deal with, I want her. This is the second day being apart, she's still living with me..for now. I'm just lost, and could use some help. I miss her. I don't think it's the "wanting what you can't have" I miss her and want her back. But know she's in pain. I've apologized. told her how I felt, now times all I got


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  • i say keep explaining all that you feel to her. its really the only thing you can do

    • I'm definitely doing that! I read that she needs space too. But I can't help but tell her my mind, I'm pouring my soul, even if it's too late. I just feel so bad, and made such a big mistake

    • did you tell her that you made a mistake? thats really the only thing- you have to see what she does now

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