I was going through a terrible divorce (marriage had been over 5 years) and my ex was stalking me so I created a fake social media profile with the?

sole intention of talking to my friends but I ended up meeting a guy. At first, it was just friends because we had so much in common but quickly progressed to more and we found ourselves texting all day and talking all night. Feelings grew, and I was caught in a moral dilemma. He thought I looked like someone else (not prettier but a different face, name, and he only thought I had one child (I have three) all because the profile was fake to keep it from my ex. I should have came clean immediately when feelings started forming but I was scared I would lose him if I did and I couldn't even imagine that. I was sick to my stomach all the time because I knew it was all a lie and I knew it would all play out one day as we lived 1300 miles apart. I got a job and moved and when I told him, he was shocked because he had just been offered a job in the same town that I had moved to. We decided to meet up and I came clean. He was very upset because I had lied but appeared to not be turned off by my looks etc. We talked that night about everything but he just couldn't get over that I lied and could he trust me again. We ended up not talking after that night for 7 months and then I sent him an email asking him if we could talk (I just wanted to get it all off my chest) but told him if he didn't want to hear it to simply say no and he would never hear from me again. He waited a week and then called me. We talked for an hour about everything and I could tell he was still very upset with me. I told him I knew it would be the last time we talked and so I just wanted to clear the air and he said he didn't see it as being the last time we talked at all but he needed more time and that he hadn't dated and would be in touch. Why did he respond to me if he doesn't care? Why is he looking at my Twitter page (he told me) if he is not interested in what I am doing? The weird thing is I ran into him out with friends and it looked like I was with one of the guys and he didn't even speak to me.


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  • I can understand about the stalking ex I had a psycho one myself but really once you started feeling comfortable with the guy you where talking to online you should have told him the truth. some of those differences could be a big issue if he is attracted to eh pictures face but not yours, the responsibility of three kids instead on one etc etc Like I said i understand i really do why you made the fake profile but the long you keep it form this new guy the less hope you have that there is still a chance.

    me personally the lie would have been the deal breaker without considering anything else


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