My stupid friend's story. If you were his girlfriend, would you give him a chance? How do I stop him chasing her?

I feel really sorry for him. This guy has a really bad traumatic memory with his ex. He was used by her and eventually got dumped. He decided to not get in a relationship for a year and met this girl. And he dated her about 2 months. She was like a dream come true to him. He quickly fell in love with her. He did his best to make her happy. But he constantly felt he was not good enough for her. He constantly thought that why a really pretty girl like her would date someone like himself and he began to doubt her. He was being self defensive to not get hurt again like before. It's not like he doubted her for no reason. It sounds like she didn't really care about him. She took forever to reply his texts. She forgot about his birthday. She did not do anything for him for Valentines'. But he was still happy that she was his girlfriend. And he, his friends, and I were drinking. He talked about his girlfriend. We told him she's using him and she will eventually dump him like his ex did. He never listened to us. And when we got drunk over our limit, he broke up with his girlfriend through a text message. When we woke up, we saw him crying. He realized he broke up with his girlfriend while he was drunk. He begged her and told her it was not his intention but she was too determined. He tried to make up with her, but she avoided him. We told him to stop and move on, but he never listened to us. Since she completely avoided him, he even went over to her house over unannounced. He gave her flowers and a cake with a note saying "Will you come back to me?" on it. But it didn't work. He's been depressed until now. He blames us for his break up. And he still thinks he has a chance with her. He hasn't contacted her for 3 weeks. He won't listen to us. He is too innocent and soft-hearted. He gets hurt very easily and we don't want to hurt him anymore. He's my best friend. I want him to move on without hurting his feeling. We tried to introduce a girl to him, but he refused. Any advice?
And do you think we caused his break up? He thinks we motivated him to break up with his ex. It's obviously his fault isn't it?


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  • he has to want to move on and as long as he is holding on to hope, he never will

    • And do you think we caused his break up?

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    • people can be not just him, hopefully it will pass

    • Thanks for MH

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