Can I reverse dumping him? He was sort of pulling disappearing acts (x2) so I dumped him now I feel I was rash & want him back. We still talk...?

Okay, met wee hrs of sat @ a club-me drunk, him dead sober-set up date 4 nxt day then made out. He & his boys took my friends & I home. Whn I woke up later that day I had 2 texts from him & he also called twice later. External events prevented our date so we postponed 4 Mon. He came over 4 dinner, we decided we really like each other & he said we're official bf/gf. He slept over & in the morning while making out he blurted he loved me. I laughed & questioned it since we'd only met Sat & it was now Tues. He wasn't happy with my response n told me I'm treating him like a child who doesn't know what he is talking about. Anyway we pass that n carried on. 2 days later we became intimate. Frm time meeting @ the club 2 after becoming intimate, he neva took more more than 30min 2 return my call, almost always replied texts immediately, told me everyday how much he cares, were 2gether 2-3 a week, got min 3 texts & phone call everyday from him, when 2gether he was fully present. Basically it was too perfect &that's when my doubts and insecurities started. Relationship was accelerating @ rapid pace & just seemed 2 good 2 b true. Kept waiting 4 things to fall. He knew my fears & tried 2 reassure me of his commitment but I became neurotic. Started sensing he was getting tired reassuring me & he was hurt didn't trust him. By now we were approaching wk 3. I knew I was committing relationship suicide so I tried to control myself & took an emotional step back eg used 2 jump on him when I saw him but I stopped coz was afraid he might feel crowded by me & my intensity. Start of wk 3 called only once said he was busy @ work, that weekend he stood me up without a word. Saw on whatsapp he'd been active got angry sent angry breakup text, he called we fought, decided 2 try again, he disappeared again then reappeared with a text & told him to get lost. Been 2 wks now miss him, texted him yesterday he responded said he's shocked but he was nice. Can I repair the r/ship? Really miss him :( :(


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  • Please write proper English. I stopped reading after reading your first sentence.


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