The second day after I do abortion, my boyfriend break up with me, kick me out?

. I'm in Australia by myself, my boyfriend chase me, when we together , I ask him more than 10times, how about I pregnant? He promise we gonna keep the baby , be a family. So I trust him. When my mum come to here visit us, he said the same thing to my mum. But after a few months my mum go. I find out I pregnant , but then he said he don't want the baby. Then he promise me he will marry me and have more kids in next 2 years if I go to do abortion. Even he know I want keep the baby. We argue a lots on this, but I still want be with him, the thing he promise me are too beautiful. Then I did abortion. But he totally change at the second day after I did abortion. He want break up with me. Then the third day he pack all my stuff put on the garage when I not home (we live together) . And message me to tell me to fuck off. Don't want talk to me, don't want see me.i even don't know where I can go. Body still feel bad. It just happen a few days ago. If he break up with me before I did abortion, I won't that sad. I want keep my baby. I don't know how to do now. Cry all the time, can't fall asleep for whole night. No thing worse than that

Now after he kill his own baby, not even one month , he already start date with other girl. I'm doubt does he have a heart? Someone tell me " whatever come around , goes around". Is that true?


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  • Wow.. sound like he used you and now he wants to get rid of you. I would suggest you go live with you mum until you are mentally and physically recovered. Forget this ass. He is going to burn in hell! Move on, find someone who deserves you!

    Also, if he said he wants abortion to have kids in two years, that would have been a red flag. He is a loser!

    I hope you recover from this and wish you all the best. It will get better, it always does, just have to hang on and fight through tough time. Good luck and God bless!

    • I still study here, can't back home. I already find a place to live. And my friend will take me to recheck next Saturday. I just don't know why he don't feel any guilty for it. He said the day he by himself he feel awesome... And ask me stop harassing him

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    • I'll thank u. Need time, coz I really want keep my baby. Feel so sorry for my baby.

    • I hope everything works out for you. Good luck to you and hope the baby is ok :)

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  • Pack all his stuff when he not home. Put on auction. Use money to go back to mum. Close chapter. He no good for you. You will get better and forget. Good luck.

    • He live in his grandpa's unit, his grandpa don't let me go to see him. Don't want I make trouble there. I still need study here. Can't back home yet...

    • So sorry. Best you close chapter with this man. He will be punished BY his sins. Your weapon must be to be a good person and set aside any anger and hatred and to do well in your studies. Do not look to others for your good fortune. Only look to yourself and you will be strong again.

  • Have him killed. Also he's experiencing the weight of his lacking foresight. Misguided rage and fear.

  • He probably regrets the abortion and don't know how to deal with it.

    • If he regret , why he kick me out, never think about my body satiation , also the first time we went to clinic try to do abortion, he upset about me.

    • I don't know why he would.

    • He does not regret it. He got the woman pregnant and wanted a way out of his responsibility. He is a damn loser and should be castrated!

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  • Sorry foe what has happened to you, go live with your mom and move on with your life you dont need a person like that. Go to clinic and get on birthcontrol and get condoms , you dont need to have kids for awhile until your more mature. There's women out there that want kids and can't have them.

    • Thank u. , I still have to go to uni, can't go back home... I'm here along , I don't what's wrong with me, why he treat me like that

  • sorry to hear that, that's a bad situation


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