What does my ex mean with this quote?

My ex and I broke up since 26 of April, the thing is I tried to get back to him sent him many texts explaining that it's unfair to break up this way and we know each other for five years, I asked my cousin to talk to him in Whatsapp but he didn't talk to her until she promised she won't brought me up to him. I think he thought I was her or something, she started talking to him about her crush and he said don't get yourself into love it's bullsh*t, then he put a picture with this quotation * unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it's a waste of your time. there are too many mediocre things in life. love shouldn't be one of them* what does he mean? We had our upside down, lately our relationship became cold like for example after sex he starts playing with his phone and I just lie down without saying a word, I don't believe our love is not real but all I know he got bored of me and his friends around doesn't want him with me because I'm not the kind who talks to guys, * a good girl* therefore he doesn't take me in their gathering.. I just want him back and I don't know what to do anymore, he's my first love and if he opened his eyes he will see how great our love is if he just gave more effort because he does nothing for me lately, just cold blooded.


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  • Men do not have hues and nuances, we are simpler even when we don't know what we want.
    He's not into it anymore.
    If he broke up with you and doesn't want to come back then let him go, at least for a while. Chasing him will only make him run faster.
    By that quote I get he thought of his last love as not as "mad, passionate, extraordinary" as he would have liked or hoped.
    If he's moving on, you should do the same. If he was your first love but for him it was not the same, as he has written, maybe you gave it more value than you thought.

    • The problem I don't know, we broke up hundred times, each time he treats me like shit then it turns out he hides it all. For example he asked my friend to come to his place and she said won't come without wixie he said ok, when I came he broke down and asked me to start over. I never lost hope in him every time he surprises me when he comes back, now because his friends are brain washing him he seems ok with the break up, he even ignored all my texts. We broke up because of my jealousy and the fights it brought a all the time

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    • I know one of his friends, this guy really hates me, he used to tell my cousin that ( my ex) is mad because I doubt whatever he does and I don't trust him with girls I wasn't but it is what looks like. His cousins tho, they like me I talk to his cousins all the time and I wonder if it is ok to let his cousin talk to him about getting back to me? ( I believe from what he's showing that he's enjoying the single life but how can i tell if he's just acting? )

    • By personal experience I can assure you that guys live the time after the break up very differently from girls, almost the opposite way I'd say.
      At first guys only feel the freedom of it and enjoy it without missing the other person too much (if at all). As time goes on the euphoria of freedom fades and the other person starts intruding on our thoughts more and more. Until at the end when find ourselves missing her and regretting our decision while by that time the girl in question has already gone over it and doesn't miss us anymore. If anything this image summarizes quite well what I mean ( tinyurl.com/l6ylmwr ).
      It doesn't mean it will always be like that, just most of the times. If now you see him satisfied with his new life as single giving him a couple of months will help you see if it's really what he wants (and what you want).

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  • I think he just got bored and his feelings for you started to fade, so he thought that it was best to leave instead of just being there doing nothing.

    • Last time I saw him things were alright that's why I still can't believe it all :(

    • Sometimes it's hard to tell how a person truly feels, maybe he was trying to be nice or trying to make it work.

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