What should I do when my bf won't stop talking to another girl?

My Bf and I were on the phone today and he says "Guess what, Nevermind, Im not gonna tell you cause I dont wanna hear your slick mouth" I said really , Punk a$$. He said "You mad?"
He texted me but I didn't respond. If he wanna talk like that he can talk to someone else.

I feel he was just rude to me for no reason. Joke or not I didn't find it funny. Its been a day and I have not called or texted him. He has not reached out to me either. I dont think i need to reach out to him. he's the one who needs to reach out to me cause he's the blame. I feel he causes unnecessary drama in our relationship.

For example there's a girl that my bf hooked up with in the past. She called him and asked him if he wants to hangout just the two of them (even though she has a bf) He tells her "No, Im hanging out with my gf" She saids "Oh you have a gf. How long y'all been together?" He tells her. Then she said "Me and my bf been together for 4 years"Then he tells her "Your relationship is not a real relationship. Off and on like that. You just dont know how to let go." She got mad cussed him out and hung up.

The next day she calls him saying "We need to talk, I miss you" Im listening to him tell me this like why is this important. I told him twice to delete her number and ignore her or just tell her to stop calling him.

I dont see why its so hard for him to tell her to back off I have a gf or leave me alone. He can block her number.


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  • It sounds like your boyfriend is quite the ass. If he was a decent guy, he would delete the girl's number, stop communication with her, or at least not tell you about it as it doesn't seem to have much purpose. Try telling him that it makes you feel uncomfortable that he's still in touch with her.

    Doesn't seem like he respects you in the slightest..


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  • Is your boyfriend like 15? Cause he sounds like a child. In the first place no mature individual will talk to their partner like that over the phone. Guys talked like that in highschool... not in the adult world. It sounds like this is a very childish relationship. I don't know how old you are but clearly he is too immature for you.


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