Hard Relationship Breakup! Am I in the wrong?

Ok, me and my girlfriend were going out for 2 1/2 years. she was my first serious girlfriend.it was a good relationship some of the best of my life. I did everything I could for this girl! one night we went to a party and within minutes we were making out and her talking to me in private saying she didn't want to go out anymore.(DIDNT EXPECT IT) I kept on trying for her to go back out with me (which now I noticed was the wrong thing to do) and she didn't want to talk to me. I found out that her and one other guy who were friends went to the seafront together 4 days after we broke up, and when I phoned her she was laughing with him... but she states it is just a friendship. I believe her. but my family saw them together as well and stated that they saw them kissing (I don't believe is true)... I couple of days after we met for a awkward coffee to give it a chance to try and be friends and I admit that it went well... after she noticed the time on her phone and had to go for Sunday dinner etc. I offered to walk her home or wherever but she really didn't want me to... instead she walked with me to the bus. I got on the bus and saw her walking a different way... which I REGRETABLY got off the bus and followed her (the worst move of my life!! really regret it!!) but then she met with the guy that my parents had seen at the seafront kissing and she had promised was only friends. I then reacted and phoned friends and was very upset. including her sister (which was a bad move, I shouldn't have gotten her family involved and apologised to her, her sister and her parents for involving them).she then didn't talk 2 me for weeks (understandable). she said that they did just randomly run into each other. I believe her.keep seeing her with group of boys, BUT!! a few days after my health got bad. and was diagnosed with suspected skin cancer. doctors said it could be life threatening. She has told me that she can't be the one I talk 2 about it.Do I deserve this?
other information: she puts posts up on social media of her in hot tubs with other boys... it makes me feel like I have been replaced. I believe they are just friends but I believe its a bit off when we broke up recently.
Thanks guys... I see where you are all coming from and agree with you all.Thank you... :)


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  • I'm sorry that you have had to go through all of this. You have to learn that when you break up with someone then it's best to completely cut them from your life. This means deleting their number, deleting them from social sites and definitely not meeting up with them to try to be "friends". It will never work. Till the day you have zero feelings for her, a friendship will not bring any good. In fact friendship with ex's in my opinion seldom is rewarding. It usually just leads to confusion and feelings. You'll never heal and move on if you keep making her the main focus of your life. Right now it seems like everything revolves around her and that you actively obsess over her life and who is in it. This is bad. You have a whole life of your own to think about instead. Please do yourself a favor and let go of her and whatever friendship there is. It will carry on this way for years and years if you keep clinging onto her. There must come a day when you decide it's enough and then you must make the move and delete her. Till that day you'll be filled with this sadness and hurt. Feelings won't magically go away unless you work on it and actively try to get over her.


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  • Welcome to the mans world.

    Someone else caught her interest, showed her how bored of you she is and that she can go out and party and get another man as she can hail a cab.

    The more you cared the more you look like an idiot for not moving on. The more pathetic you look to her and the more she will be glad she left you.

    Your a fool to trust a woman when she says that she "loves you forever" when your 18 and below. If this chick even has average to decent+ looks there are and will always be 10+ other guys better than you ready to hook up with her. She ignored your call and she's with them? Yeah she's doing shit with them. She was just "with a friend" and then doesn't want you anymore? Yeah she's already did things with him.

    • Most young girls will spat love, push their insecurities onto you and make you jump forward in a relationship. Demand your ever lasting love and to jump in front of a bullet for them. Then once they get it they leave. They seen all you can offer and go back to fishing. There are "plenty of fish in the sea". Oh yes there are and she knows it. Parties, hotter guys, fun fun fun.

      Why do you think most women try to go back to their exes once they see he is enjoying their life? They just want fun.

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  • She wasn't happy with the relationship. I'm sure she wasn't happy for longer than just the 1 night. If she broke up with you that means she isn't interested anymore, and if she doesn't want you to talk to her about your health issues, it's probably best you just leave her alone and try to forget about her.

    If you need to talk to someone but find you don't have anyone you're comfortable confiding in, you should tell your parents you want to start seeing a psychologist.

  • No that was wrong of her she should have been honest with you the whole time. I think that she should have just broke up with you and been done with it. But thats what I think maybe you'll get over her and find a new girl that will treat you well because you deserve way better than that. C: I hope I helped you.


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