How do I get my best friend out to dump her controlling boyfriend?

For awhile, my friend hasn't been on Facebook for a long tome. Then, I hear from my friend, who she loves as a brother, he tells me her boyfriend has been telling her to not talk to us and she's even have to sneak around to talk to us.

Do we just tell her to stop seeing him or is there a certain way to deal with this?

We think the guy's emotionally abusive and tried to push her to sleep with him.


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  • Tell her parents. Discuss the issue with someone who has more authority and sway than you since you clearly have zero.


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  • Everyone has to learn their own lessons in life, and if it is a wrong choice, bad decision, the old expression goes: "Everyone has to learn the hard way."
    All you can do is be a Good friend and advise her, and let her know you are there for her, through thick and thin. The More you------Try and push her---the more she will be pushed not only into 'sleeping with him,' but Into his octopus arms altogether.
    Good luck.xx


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  • You could try telling her that you have a friend who has the same exact problem she has. Then ask how she feels about it. Say it like "Hey, my friend has this really controlling boyfriend and he won't even let her talk to me!" Say a few other things that pertain to her specific situation, but never mention that it's about her.

    Either she'll pick up that you are talking about her, or she'll say that your friend needs to leave her boyfriend. Then you repeat everything she said back to her and I'm sure she'll get the picture.

    There might be other reasons why she hasn't already left him though. Don't approach her saying she needs to just leave him.

  • You can't. There's nothing you can say or do until she's the one that wants to end it. She's just going to resent you for trying


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