Hey! Do you guys believe in karma?

My friend in the military dating this guy but he lied and dogg', d his ex girlfriend out horribly so she enjoyed watching. He was never honest about the ex situation. he telling people he in love with my friend and people need to stop worrying about getting played. My friend deployed and brokeup with him while over there. How come guys think every girl they date is right for them? She didn't fall in love with him, he did. he's telling his friends she the right one and he striving to do better. How is you in love with her, but lied on the ex? he first met my friend off a sugar daddy base. All them guys adding her on Facebook and instagram, I knew she wasn't faithful. She's only 19 and she felt tied down and obligated being around him all day. Do you guys believe in what you do to others will come back?


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  • For your cause I'll believe in Karma because who cares?

    • Why would you do somebody wrong and not expect for tables to turn?

    • No, this is just a psychological need of vengeance.
      World is unfair and suffering and injustice is distributed blindly everywhere.

    • Asker: When you give a dollar to a cause do you do it because you expect to win the lottery? Same logic.

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  • I think whatever happens, happens. Good or bad


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