After she broke up with me and heartbroken, I feel strange with a new girl?

So long story short, I was with my ex for a year and a half. I was deeply in love with her. She ended once again this time for good. She had broken up with me during that year and a half about 5 times before but always made me come back to her. In the end I was the one who loved her but she didn't really love me she only wanted me when it was convenient for her. its been a month after the breakup however i met this girl at my gym, we have been out a couple of times hanging out, movies, food etc. She seem really cool and really interesting and has a lot of the things i like in a woman and qualities I have learned im looking for. but it just seems i can't get my Ex off my damn mind and i compare everything about my ex to this girl. I don't wanna do that. I should totally be digging this girl because we have a lot in common but something won't let me just enjoy myself and really put an effort for this new girl. Whenever me and the new girl are hanging out or doing something i constantly get flashback of things me and my ex did and its messing with my head. Is this normal? what should I do.


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  • it sounds like you aren't quite over your ex yet. try to embrace this new girl and accept that you like her.


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